Affordable Tuition Program

CCA  provides a way to afford Christian education. Between Financial Aid and other programs, there is a means to make a way for private Christian education. Call or email for more information on how to apply for our affordable tuition program.

Admission Policy

  • The parents must be born-again, Bible-believing, Christ-honoring  Christians (an exception may be made when only one parent is a  born-again believer provided the non-believing spouse agrees not to  oppose the Biblical teaching of the school). 
  • All families must attend a Bible-believing, gospel preaching church.
  • The parents must agree with the school’s Statement of Faith.
  • Parents must be interviewed by the Head of School.
  • All prospective Kindergarten students will take a developmental  observation assessment to determine Kindergarten readiness. All  prospective 1st through 12th grade students will take a reading, math  and grammar evaluation exam.  These assessments are not entrance exams,  but a tool to help the school better prepare for the student.
  • Prospective Kindergarten and 1st grade students must be five and six years old respectively before September 1.
  • CCA may refuse to admit a student with severe academic,  disciplinary or psychological problems as CCA does not at this time have  the resources to adequately provide proper education regarding these  specialized needs.
  • The school does not discriminate on the basis of race, color,  national and ethnic origins in the administration of its admissions  policies.
  • All students and parents must agree to abide by the policies as set forth by the CCA Parent and Student Handbook.
  • Any misrepresentation on entrance applications may result in forfeiture of enrollment.