It is our goal to educate students to function socially in our modern society, while also developing a deep-rooted love for God and His Word. It is our firm belief that children were not given to schools, but they were given to parents. Our Academy delights in assisting the home in educating children for the glory of the Lord, so that together, the home, church, and school work together as a strong, three-fold cord. (Ecclesiastes 4:12)


In the preschool, students focus on developing intellectually and socially. They will learn a variety of information from our highly experienced and trained staff ranging from name recognition, shapes, colors, sizes, calendar, time, cultural, and social items. The preschool also uses a highly-accredited phonics program, A Beka, to aid the students in blends, sound recognitions, and handwriting, which in turn helps the student as they progress educationally to read and spell more accurately. Students will be reading by the end of K-4 and will be reading full books by the end of K-5.

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Our elementary staff have an average of 20 years teaching experience, transforming this experience into a fun, learning atmosphere where students flourish under their care. In the elementary, students continue to interact with each other socially and focus on developing previous educational skills learned in preschool. Besides the normalcies of history, math, and science, classes focuses on perfecting reading and handwriting skills, to prepare the student for higher education. Students also begin to experience extracurricular in computers, Spanish, art, and music.

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Middle and High School

Our middle and high school classes prepare students for college material. Moving from the broad teaching in the elementary classes, students begin to focus on specific subjects (Life Science, Algebra etc.) Our dedicated staff is degreed in the specific areas that they teach, providing a knowledgeable and interactive experience for the students. Our curriculum is Christ-centered and helps the students not only to memorize information, but also to comprehend the material for future learning and retention. Students also get to take part in a highly-valued music program (handbells, choir) which competes both locally and nationally and also have an opportunity to choose from forty different electives outside of our regular schedule. 

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