Statement of Vision

The vision of CCA is to prepare students to fulfill God’s purpose for their lives foundationally, relationally, and through excellence:

Foundational: CCA is committed to building strong foundations in the lives of students. Spiritual foundations of faith in Jesus Christ, belief in God’s Word, and a Biblical worldview. Academic foundations in the core subjects of Math, Language Arts, Science, Reading, History, and Bible. Athletic foundations through our varied sports programs. Fine Arts foundations through music, art, and theatre. Character foundations through a comprehensive system that builds a strong work ethic, honesty, and integrity. CCA offers much more, but our core value is a commitment to foundationally prepare each student to fulfill God’s purpose for their lives.

Relational: CCA is a relational school. At the core of our vision is the understanding that CCA is in partnership with Christian parents, and local churches in the education, Christian character development, and personal discipleship of its students. CCA guides and encourages each student to develop a real and genuine relationship with Jesus Christ. Each teacher is encouraged to have a vibrant walk with the Lord and to invest their lives in the lives of their students. Students are encouraged to value the relationship with family, church, and their fellow man. CCA’s retreats, chapel services, and opportunities to serve are part of our vision to see students who love the Lord and love their fellow man. It is our belief that a strong relationship with the Lord is a pre-requisite to fulfilling God’s purpose in life.

Exceptional: CCA is committed to doing all to the glory of God. It is this belief that propels us to strive for excellence academically, spiritually, athletically, and in all other matters in life. From the administration to the student, from the classroom to the concert hall, to the playing field; all our encouraged to pursue excellence in what they are (inward character) and in what they do (outward conduct).

Excellence in God’s eyes is doing one’s best. This is in contrast to the world’s standard of having to be the best. As a young person experiences success from his or her best effort, even more effort is exerted toward continued success. We believe in challenging students with this model of excellence so that they can achieve the goal of doing their best in their academic pursuits, extra-curricular activities and in their service to others.