Note from Head of School

Hello Friend,
Thank you for your interest in Concord Christian Academy. Concord Christian Academy was established in 1976 and has been successfully training and educating children for over 40 years.

I first came in contact with Concord Christian Academy in 1995. I was then a broken-down and discouraged teenager, but the staff and faculty of Concord Christian Academy wrapped their arms around me and gave me an excellent education, along with pointing me to the sufficiency of Christ. It is now an honor and privilege to be the current Head of School at Concord Christian Academy and an amazing opportunity for me to give back to the program that supported me. We live in a secular world that promotes worldviews that only lead to disappointment and despair. Why not try a distinct education for your family that is integrated with the greatest hope, the Lord Jesus Christ? Come join our school family and experience what I experienced years ago!

-Jonathan Bradford, Head of School